Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Getting ready

Hospital bag for delivery is ready! 
Signed up stem cell cord blood bank for baby and the kit is ready too! 
Car seat ready! 
Stroller ready! 
Baby cot ready! 
Just washed bed sheet few days ago and it's ready too! 

Baby is coming out in a few more weeks. Doctor mentioned that I might need to deliver the baby earlier due to my blood pressure. But still, I am praying now that I can keep my baby safely in my womb until at least 38 weeks. 

Baby, mummy will try my best to give you the best condition for you to grow for another 4 weeks. You don't so anxious to come out ya! I want my baby to fully develop your lung and also antibody before you come out to see daddy and mummy. I love you. 

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