Monday, May 12, 2014

His highness arrived!

His highness arrived a bit earlier than what we expected! Weight at 2.91kg, he is consider a big baby for a pre-term baby that delivered at 36 weeks! Luckily he waited till 36 weeks, else daddy will have problem to buy insurance for him! 

A week before his arrival, I kept have this feeling that he is going to arrived earlier. I dreamt lots of dream that I am having labor. Luckily I believed my guts feeling and decided to pack my hospital bag as well as confinement bags earlier. 

Few days before his highness was born, I noticed there are some blood discharge when I am passing urine and during the weekly checkup 1 day before he was born, doctor told me that my womb already dilated for 2cm and he going to arrive in 1 week time. The next morning after breakfast, I noticed that there are fresh blood on my underpants and we decided to rush to hospital. Doctor checked again and told us that its time! My baby decided to come out that day! 

I am really grateful that it only took me 3 hours to deliver him. It's pain. It really pain like there is no tomorrow! And the worst part is I all the while are not prepared for this pain because I wanted epidural and the doctor supported this. But... All things that can go wrong will go wrong. The doctor forgotten to inform the nurse!!!! And when I found out, it's too late! So.... It's pain but when I look at his tiny little face after that, every pain is worth it! 

My 왕자님 , I love you! And I will try my very best to learn to be a good mother to you! 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Getting ready

Hospital bag for delivery is ready! 
Signed up stem cell cord blood bank for baby and the kit is ready too! 
Car seat ready! 
Stroller ready! 
Baby cot ready! 
Just washed bed sheet few days ago and it's ready too! 

Baby is coming out in a few more weeks. Doctor mentioned that I might need to deliver the baby earlier due to my blood pressure. But still, I am praying now that I can keep my baby safely in my womb until at least 38 weeks. 

Baby, mummy will try my best to give you the best condition for you to grow for another 4 weeks. You don't so anxious to come out ya! I want my baby to fully develop your lung and also antibody before you come out to see daddy and mummy. I love you. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Birthday celebration

Thanks to a loving hubby, I had the most fantastic birthday month in my whole entire life. I have not only 4 but 5 celebrations. Starting from 1st March and end on 30th March. 

Dear, I don't know how you can out beat your own record next year! Haha. But next year onwards, we will have a cute little one that will follow us closely whenever we have any celebrations to celebrate! 

I love you dear and thank you for showering me with so much love and pampers! 

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sister's style

The above pic is not between me and my husband! It's actually me and my sister! And we actually picked the same style of ring! Exactly same style! My sister got married 3 years ago and I never really paid any attention to her wedding ring. So, it never really occurred to me that I actually picked the same style of ring with her! When I show her my ring, she was surprised as it's the same one. What can I say? It's sister's style. And I am really glad and happy to have the same style with her! 

My babies......

This is a photo that I want to keep forever. My baby sister and her baby! If only we can stop at this moment forever! Love you both, my yin yin and Eddie!