Thursday, April 11, 2013


Again. We fight over the same religion problem again. I have already sacrifice and compromise so much! What I ask is just 1 agreement from you! And yet you told me it can't be achieved. You even told me you will not be happy for the rest of your life if you give in. I am just speechless now. Are you too self centered or am I asking too much?

Don't think tears is gonna help. But I just can't help it.


yuin said...

Hmm.. My first comment didn't seem to go through.

Wah, I haven't dropped by your blog for a while and I see so many new posts! (Since the Revo post) And so much news! \:D/

But this "Again" post makes me sad :( I hope everything's okay...

Janice said...

Yuin Y.... I just saw this message. Felt so warm when i read it even though we are now over that phase. :)

I previously set the comments to send to another email address that I seldom check. Sorry for a late reply. ;)